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This Special Issue discusses the fundamental challenges in human-centered robotics and possible approaches to addressing them. From the Human-Centered Design perspective, we aim to discuss issues, including robot safety, delayed operations, shared control, human–robot communication and interaction, haptics, learning, robot aesthetics, and unconventional interaction methods with robots.


Dr. Sven MayerDr. Michael GiengerDr. Alexander DietrichProf. Dr. Albrecht SchmidtProf. Dr. Alin Albu-Schäffer


Safety, Transparency, Visualization of robots in VR, Haptics, Unconventional interaction with robots, Modeling of world, Environment, Dynamics and humans for physical human–robot interaction, Learning methods to facilitate interaction, Continuum between fully automatic/independent, Operation and shared interaction, Shared control, Industry robots vs. non-industry context, Human–robot communication