In our project, we aim to create intelligent human-centered robots that can reliably learn, interact, and evolve in the context of healthcare and elderly care. To this end, the research is focused on the following four topics, covered by eight subprojects.

  1. Robust AI Frameworks
    • Physical Law Learning (Details)
    • Mathematical Frameworks for Trustworthiness in Learning-facilitated Estimation & Control (Details)
  2. Multi-modal Interaction
    • Natural-Language-based Robot Task Inference and Completion in Real-World, Complex Environments (Details)
    • Understandable and Trustworthy Human-Robot Interaction for Intuitive Communication (Details)
  3. Guarantees and Failure Handling
    • Uncertainty-Aware 3D Human Pose Estimation & Tracking in the Wild (Details)
    • Preference Learning for Human-Machine Interaction (Details)
  4. Energy Aware Embodiment
    • Neuro-Inspired Resource-Efficient Control of Technical Systems (“Neuroscience in Roboto”): Solutions for Sparse and Efficient Neural Codes across Brain Regions (Details)
    • Bio-Inspired Design (Details)